About Me

"The essence and fire that fuels my inspiration,
my ethos is to create what does not exist."

Growing up in the small town of Kokomo, IN, fashionable options were limited. During summer breaks, I would visit my grandmother Naomi in New York. Inspired by fantasized window displays and the free-spirited energy of New Yorkers, a spark in me was ignited.  I truly fell in love with fashion. Over the years, my personal style and design aesthetic evolved. However, one thing that always remained in my DNA was the desire to stand out, show out, and dress how I feel. I have always gravitated instinctively towards unique fabrications, colors, silhouettes, and styles. 

Inspired by the quality of vintage, the rawness of 90's street wear, and the beauty of couture, DangerouslyGlam is Exclusivwear for the individual unafraid to stand out from the crowd.